Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a big hug to you all

Hi friends.
I just wanted to let you all know that my dad went for his appointment with the specialist yesterday (at long last) and I am very pleased to say that they kept him in and are operating this afternoon. He was so scared that they were going to send him back home which would have been such a set back for him , but hey, that didn't happen. He has lost so much weight because the only thing that he has been able to tolerate for 3 months is Fortisip. I am keeping my legs, fingers, eyes crossed for a successful op and, although it will be a long time, a recovery so that he can at least be able to potter about in his garden when it is warmer, which is his pride and joy. 
I wanted to update you because you have all been so kind leaving such wonderful comments. I will keep you updated. Sending a big hug to you all.
Love Sharon. x


Tanya said...

best wishes for your father sharon, i hope the surgery goes well and that his recovery is smooth - i'm sure he'll be very happy to be able to eat normal foods again too!

Tags xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

That is good news, I will keep everything crossed for you too Sharon and wish you and your dad all the best
Take care of yourself too
Hugs Sue

Wendy said...

Wishing your Dad a successful op, keeping everything crossed for you Sharon.
Take care.
Hugs Wendy xx

sue w. said...

Hi Sharon, this is woderful news hun, now he can start the road to recovery. Best Wishes and Big Hugs.
Sue W.

PaperDaisies said...

Got everything crossed for you Sharon and your dad. Thinking of you. Hugs Nina

Lorraine said...

Hi Sharon. I hope your Dads surgery goes well and that he will soon be on the road to recovery.
Hugs Lorraine x

Janine said...

Hi Sharon, Hope that your Dad's surgery has gone well and that he makes a speedy recovery.
Sending you and your family Big Hugs,
Janine xx

tilly's crafts said...

hope all goes well! sending you all big hugs.
Kim x

Elizabeth said...

Hope the operation went well, Sharon! Wishing your father a speedy recovery! Big hugs, Elizabeth x

Pat K said...

Oh I hope all went well Sharon and wishing your Dad all the best. hugs, x

Helen said...

Wishing your Dad a speedy recovery from his surgery; hugs, Helen

Jules said...

Hi Sharon

I hope all went well with your Dad's operation and wishing him a good recovery.

I hope things aren't too uncomfortable for him and that he is being cared for well.

Love and cyber hugs to everyone. This must be such a stressful time for all of you.

Take care.

Love Jules xx

Penny said...

Sharon, I am so glad that they were finally able to do something for your dad! Here's hoping for a complete and speedy recovery for him! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Jenny said...

best Wishes for your Dad. I am glad that he is getting something done. Hope for a speedy recover for him :) Jen xx

Wishcraft said...

Hope all went well with your dad's operation Sharon xx Hugs, Lisa x

julie said...

HI sharon thank you for visiting me. i feel like i have been away for quite a while but when i look back it has only been six weeks. i have missed popping by your blog and looking at your stunning cards and hearing your news. I am sending you my good wishes for your Dad and that he makes a good, speedy recovery. take care Julie x

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