Thursday, 6 September 2012

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Hello blogger friends and followers. 

I just wanted to share with you some of the storage I use for my craft products. To save money (so that I can buy crafty bits)!!! I have begged a lot of storage from work. Hopefully it may help or inspire you with any storage problems you may have.

The stand below used to have sunglasses on it. I saw it out in the warehouse ready to be skipped. Oh no, I can think of a lot better use for it than in a skipped!!!

Great storage for all my rubber stamps. 

 My Clarity Stamps are on another side

Spellbinders on another side

I purchased some wooden blocks from a Craft Fair (I will add the link when I remember where I bought them) to hold my Pro Marker and Flexi Markers but found as time went on that I had not got enough. I merchandise the Rimmel Make Up stand and work and when last month we had a new stand put in, I was right in there!!!

The cases that used to hold lip glosses were perfect for my Markers, so rather than them be skipped  I put them to good use. 
These are the original holders

and these are the lip gloss holders. Luckily there was enough so that I could keep all the colour groups in a different holder.

My Copic Markers are in a plastic carrier which held price label overlays.

My flowers and my most used punches are on the shelves above my desk so that they are in easy reach.

My final picture is a clothes hanger which I keep all my odd lengths of ribbon. I found that if I kept them in a draw, they would end up in a mess once I had waded through them. 

If any of you crafters have any ideas on how to store backing papers - particularly downloaded papers as I get in such a mess with mine I would love to hear them.

Thank you for stopping by. 


Sarah said...

Hi Sharon, what fab storage! Always love to have a peek at what other people use (and their crafty stuff!).

Hubby cannot pass a skip without stopping and seeing what 'good' things might have been thrown away - I pretend that I'm not with him most of the time!!!


PS - Congrats on the baby news, you don't look old enough to be someone's Grandma!!!

Penny said...

Sharon, you are so organized! I am trying, believe me! And I have succeeded in organizing my paper cabinet finally! I would love to keep things out on shelves, but it is too dusty here in the desert--they would just get filthy! Lucky you! :^)

sue w. said...

Hi Sharon, OMG I wouldn't dare show you my craft room, I must be the messiest crafter on the planet lol! and yours is so tidy and well organised. You have shamed me girl, I'm gonna clear things tomorrow.
Such good news for you hun, a baby, how fab. Hope your daughters hand is ok.
Hugs Sue W.

Sharon said...

I've just had a laugh from your comments Sue because you only saw the bits I photographed. The rest of the room was like a bomb site!!! I am definitely not a tidy crafter.
Hugs Sharon. x

mae said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I really appreciate it. I am so jealous of your storage area... I wish I had that much space. I only have a small corner in one of the smallest room in our house which I share with my son as our classroom (I'm homeschooling him) and craft area. So basically my storage system is stack of boxes LOL

Have a great day!


Shelby said...

Those are some great storage ideas!


Chris x said...

Oh my, how tidy and organised you are.
Brilliant ideas.
Chris x

Wishcraft said...

Ooh some fabulous storage hun, love the racks you've used for your stamps! It's ribbon that's my problem - really need to get it organised. Hugs, Lisa x

Paula Gale said...

Hiya - how fab that you managed to get that large ex-sunglasses stand and the Rimmel make-up storage. I would never have thought of that. I use my conservatory so obviously have 2 large doorways and only one wall to use so I had to be careful about the furniture I chose. Mind you - there's as much stuff again in the garage of the stuff that is 'extra stock'.

You say that you want ideas on how to store your downloaded papers - I'm not sure if you mean store on your computer (electronically) or printed off (which defeats the idea of having them electronically) so I imagine you mean the former. Well, I am the queen of digital crafting and digital paper downloads and am a bit OCD about sorting and filing properly - so please feel free to contact me on pmgale(at)sky(dot)com and tell me what you want and I'm sure I'll be able to help... I love to be able to pass on my knowledge or stuff that I've learned, so please feel free to get in touch. I'll try not to bore you to death about the subject!!


Paula x x x

Sarah said...

Hiya Sharon

Amazing storage ideas. I love the sunglasses revolving display. You've made amazing use of it. I like the fact that it wouldn't take up floor space also.

Sarah x

Waseem said...

like the idea...i might need it when using Plastic cards..thanks you share it.

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