Sunday, 6 April 2014

Could anyone give me some advice please?

Good morning blogger friends.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on changing my blog header. I would like to put some photos on my header of cards that I have made with my blog name underneath. I just darn't do in case it doesn't work and I lose the header I have at the moment. 
Do I need to do it in blogger template or can I change it through layout.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hugs Sharon. x


Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Sharon! Create a second blog - make it secret so no one can see it. You could call it nellishandmadepractice.

Be sure to go into your profile after the blog is formed. Where it asks to show which blogs you want to show up in your profile, UNCHECK the practice blog, so no one else sees it.

This will become your practice blog. Now to make your basic template identical to what you have (size and shape).

In your old blog, go to TEMPLATE. Next to template is HTML - click on it. Select all that HTML which is in the window, and choose COPY. Then go into your new blog. Click on TEMPLATE > HTML and in the window, highlight the entire thing and then PASTE in your data. Be sure to SAVE.

Now your practice blog has the same shape and size format as your real blog. Practice in that one until you get things the way you like.

I hope this helps!

Sharon said...

Hi Sharon, what I suggest is that you place your 3 or 4 pics of your cards next to each other in a PowerPoint slide. You can re-size to what you like. You can also insert text at the bottom so that it is centred under the pics of your cards. Then you highlight everything with your mouse and right click. A box will come up and you select Group. Then you copy that and place it in Paint or whatever program you use to save your cards to and then Save. You go into Blogger and under Layout and under Header you click Edit. From there you select the image you have saved from your computer and under Placement you choose the Have description placed after the image and click on Save. Then go view. You can always just remove it if you need to re-size it. If this is the case, just go back to PowerPoint and re-size the image and text from there. It may sound complicated but if you have PowerPoint knowledge, you'll get it. If you don't come right, I'll be happy to do it for you, should you wish to send me pics of the cards and the text you are requiring. I can then just email back to you. Cheerio Sharon

Shazza said...

sorry Sharon I have no idea how to do this but would like the same thing on my blog header so look forward to finding out how you get on x

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