Monday, 21 July 2014

A blog hop with a difference.

Good morning blogger friends.

I have been asked by the lovely Penny from 9 Hawks and a Dragonfly to take part in a blog hop with a difference.
The object of  this hop is for bloggers to get to know a bit more about myself, to see what inspires me, and why I create the way I do. At the end of this post I will tag two of my blogging buddies who will post next week.

Firstly I would like to thank Penny for inviting me to join in this challenge. Penny not only shares with us her fabulous cards and creative style but gives us such an insight into her life with hubby Gary. She is such a witty lady and I would love to spend an evening with her, it would be such a hoot, especially as like me she is a red wine lover but, unfortunately, she lives too far away from sunny Scunny. I encourage you to pay her a visit if you haven't already - you will not be sorry.

So, on to the hop.
The rules are not rigid but I will endeavour to answer 4 questions set by this blog hop.

1. What am I working on at the moment. 

 I have been asked to make four wedding cards for August, one of which has a purple colour theme.
I collected a few crafty goodies which I would like to play with.
The image is from Tiddly winks. I love this image. I almost always incorporate a butterfly or two on my cards and I have picked out the Doo Hickey butterfly and the Martha Stewart mould - I may very well use both. I would love to use the Doo Hickey heart die if the creative process allows. If Russ would like to spend our day off together next Saturday going to Which Craft in Doncaster, I may well be using papers from either Pion or Maja Design instead of the ones I have picked out. Love you Russ!!! xxx

I will most definitely be adding the flowers, lace and gems.
This card is not being given until the middle of August so you will have to wait for the results to after the event.


I am also working on reorganising my crafty space. I was very lucky in that Russ's boss was skipping the units below and he very kindly said that if they were of use to me I could have them. Well I was very quick to snap his hand off. Thank you so much Jim.
I love these units because they have wire baskets and peg hooks so I can move them about and rearrange them as and when I have the urge.  I am still in the process of moving stuff about but you will get a good idea.

This is only one side of my craft room and I will show you the whole of my crafty space at a later time. 

Part of organising my space was to laminate pictures of all my stamps which I placed in cd wallets which I hung on the hooks. For the larger stamps such as the ones below I made laminated wallets for them as the bags they come in are never strong enough.

I placed the cardboard which comes with the stamp set into a plastic bag for displaying cards.

I then placed this with the bottom of the bag against the bottom of a laminating sheet and put it through the laminating machine.

I cut off the excess plastic from the sides being careful not to cut into the card bag as this would have left an open side. When you cut through the top of the laminated pouch you are left with a sturdy bag in which to place your stamps. Add a euro hook and hey presto.


What am I working on?

I am currently putting the finishing touches on some Wedding invites. A little nerve-racking but exciting at the same time! My friend's daughter is getting married and she's asked me to if I would make invites for the day and evening. Whilst it is only a modest wedding with 18 day invites and 28 evening invites I am finding it a challenge but extremely rewarding. My confidence is growing as I progress and they come together. I will  however, be very happy when they are completed and I get the seal of approval from the bride!!!

How does my work differ from others?

Whilst I am very guilty of using my favourite stamps time and time again, I do like my cards to be as individual as possible. I never use the same overall design twice. I may use an image multiple times across several projects, but I add many differing and wide-ranging embellishments - but don't tell Russ how extensive or expensive! I like my cards to be viewed as too good for the recipient to throw away after the event (they are usually kept as bottom draw keepsakes); I have been asked by a colleague to make her two box framed Christmas cards so that she can hang them on her wall.  I like to think that though they may not actually be bespoke, they are still individual and one of a kind.

Why do I write/create what I do?

Simply because I am obsessed and in love with card-making! Try telling me not to craft and you may as well ask me to not breathe or see or shop for craft items! You all know where I'm coming from on that one, I'm sure!

How does my writing/creating process work?

This one is easy - I have no idea. I see an image I like and I've got to have it (I can hear Russ groaning in the background now - and his bank manager!) My style has changed quite extensively over the years possibly because of the confidence gained and my love of embellishments. My style though not entirely shabby chic is heading in that direction.  Once I have the image in my possession, I play around with it and use it as a template for the card, adding and trying out different embellishments; whatever adds to the central image without detracting from it or overpowering it in any way. In this way I build up almost a collage of an image, with colour, texture, visual imagery and depth. Of course, it all comes down to personal taste, but unless I'm making cards for a commission, I'm really only having to please myself. And the feeling I have when it all comes together, the hours have flown by and I'm stood there looking at MY creation with a big grin on my face - well, that's priceless. I'm sure you all know that feeling - I sure hope so because you just can't beat it.

My tags for next weeks hop.

I have tagged two of my lovely followers to carry on with this blog hop. Three is preferred for the hop but it is not a necessity. 
The first blogger I have tagged is Kelly Neis. Kelly's blog is called The beauty of paper.
You really will not be disappointed if you give Kelly a visit as Kelly makes the most wonderful canvases and cards. I am so in awe of her talent - Kelly's canvases have so much texture and colour that you just have to stay and stare for a while.
I know as a crafter that we love to look at our blogger friend's crafty spaces, but Kelly has just moved into a lovely new home and it is well worth a visit.

My second tag is Chris from and here's one I made earlier.
Chris has been a blogging buddy of mine for quite a while now and she creates the most beautifully coloured images; her designs are always so colourful and beautifully embellished. Chris, like myself enjoys stamping. She loves to get her fingers inky and I am envious of her talent for creating her own backgrounds - I never have the guts and tend to stick with papers. I have to say Chris has the most beautiful crafty buddy. This is Mathilda though she is much bigger now.
 Thank you so much if you have managed to get to the end of this post.  I was a bit daunted by this hop but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful week.


Laura Bradley said...

Wow Sharon, those units look fab and they are purple too!! hehe. My fave!! Look forward to seeing your finished card, I love that image. In fact, I really need to buy it! hehe xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

this looks great Sharon, what kind of him that you could take these.
lots of storage and looks great.
Gr Karin

Pollard Carole said...

Wonderful blog today Sharon really enjoyed reading it all. those stands are just the thing and I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding card. Thanks for sharing this lovely post Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

riliska said...

Your craft corner looks great Sharon!! I love to see the different ones and I am always glad if the ladies can allow to have it :)

brenda said...

What a great post Sharon and thank you for sharing a little bit of you with us all today. Needless to say I think Mathilda is adorable.

B x

Donna Ellis said...

thank you for sharing about yourself, Sharon! Such a fun place to be creative (and very organized!) And I also like your "why do you create" reason - "just because it is fun" , and your process is so much like my own - whatever happens to evolve as I design. Nothing ever comes out the way I planned LOL thanks again, Sharon. hugs, de

Kelly Neis said...

This is a wonderful post you did, it is fun to get to know more about you! I also love Red Wine! You lucky girl with the racks, those are awesome and I love how you bagged your stamps and can hang them. Thank you for the very nice paragraph about me, it is also a pleasure visiting and looking at your blog too!
Hugs, Kelly

Shazza said...

lovely to hear more about you Sharon and i love your craft room x

Penny said...

Ah, Sharon, you did such a great job with this post! Love seeing into your work process! You have done a great job of organizing your craft space--really love the laminating idea! :^)
I am sure your wedding invitations will turn out beautifully--all of your creations do! :^)
Thank you so much for being a blogging "buddy" and for participating in this hop! :^)
Hugs, Penny
Have a great week--I am looking forward to that creation at the top of your page!

Chris said...

Hi Sharon! I loved reading this post, it is nice to know a little more about you, and why you create your beautiful cards! What could be a better reason than because you love to do it!!:)
I'm honoured that you have asked me to join the fun. Thanks for your lovely comments, and that piccy of my Mathilda, she's so big now I forgot how totally cute she was!

JenniferD said...

Loooove your Craft Room and learning about you! So well written too!

aussie aNNie said...

Wow Sharon, I'll be over to be your crafting buddy my friend, awesome space love
♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

MaryH said...

Oh my, you are having a lovely colorful and well thought out craft room. Those brilliant colors will make working in the area much more fun & exciting, and lucky you to be the recipient of all that fab organizing. Loved the look and loved the idea you are using for your stamp organization. Your cards are always so very beautiful with unique embellishments, used to compliment the image chosen. I love all the flowers that you add to the cards and in the 1st photo you have some wonderful accessories to start your commission with. Enjoyed learning more about you, a most interesting post. TFS & Hugs

MagsB said...

Oh my, Sharon, I am green with envy at your fabulous units! How satisfying, too, to have 'recycled' them!

Thank you so much for sharing all these interesting insights into your crafty life, it's an inspiration!

love Mags B x

chrissy xx said...

I've arrived here from Chris's blog! I thought I'd landed in a shop lol.
What FABulous storage you have and such a kind 'Boss' to pass them on to you..It's lovely finding out what makes other people 'tick' we all have our different ways, but,in the end it's Crafting that we all LOve!..Thank you for letting me in..I've enjoyed myself.

Irish Cherokee said...

Very nicely done. Nice to know about other's creativity.


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