A perfect marriage.
In order to have a marriage that's perfect
  You need two people who aren't
A pair who said I do
And never say I can't
They share the joys
They share the sorrows
Forget each others yesterdays
Think only of tomorrow
Work and live and laugh whatever
Two individuals, one life
Together forever
And ever
And ever
And ever 
 So now our little drummer girl
Is entering a whole new world
 And Amelia-Jayde at just eighteen
Just like George is entering  a brand new scene

From September on she’ll be gone
And we’ll no longer have to clean her mess
As she studies fine art, while chilling out
With her photos, dancing and vintage dress

To live alone in a brand new place
Is no mean feat for our Dancing Queen
Though she may be quiet with the new friends she meets
her confidence will soon grow in great bounds and leaps

Now she's two years on from starting her lifeplan,
most of which she’s known Adam, her charming young man
Now I know she will miss Charlotte her best friend through life
As together they have adventured from Nursery to High

Though they’ll be in different places, they’ll still be close as ever
Meeting new people and making new friends, because they all are oh so popular
We’re sure her humour (though sarcastic at times) will earn her many new friends
And as teens all together, with clothes, shoes, handbags in common – all the usual trends

She’ll be clubbing it up all night long, concerts, festivals and gigging it up
No doubt to Indie music, Mumford and Sons, The Tribes, The Script and Florence
This  is probably the reason  she hates mornings so much!
But a big Veggie Breakfast should sort her a touch

So to our darling daughter Amelia-Jayde
We have no doubt you'll stay in touch
And though we will miss you so so much, 
We wish you all the luck in the world 

All our Love,  Mum Dad and George. xxx

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